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RE: Looking for San Juan 23 Trailer

<x-flowed>Make that three intersted in the Pacfic Northwest!

>From: "Wes Woods" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: RE: Looking for San Juan 23 Trailer
>Date: Mon, 2 Dec 2002 10:47:45 -0800
>I have had two places recomended to me in the Walla Walla - Tri cities
>area. When I get them checked out I'll post it here. I too am hoping to
>land a trailer soon and for the same reasons.
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>Sent: Monday, December 02, 2002 9:41 AM
>Subject: Looking for San Juan 23 Trailer
>I am looking for a San Juan 23 trailer with the qualities posted in the
>tech tips possibly within a 150 mile radius of  Seattle (I might
>consider a drive for the right trailer). It is high time to bring the
>Ceiwen out of her Kingston slip and back into the trailer world (hey -
>there's lakes out there to discover!).
>Anyone considering putting their boat into a slip and has a loving
>spouse "encouraging" them to "get that darn trailer out of my drive way"
>is encouraged to respond.
>Anyone have suggestions/tips as to where one might get one commercially
>(and properly) made in the Washington State area?
>Tim Longley
>Bainbridge Island, WA
>San Juan 23 "Ceinwen"

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