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Re: jib tracks

<x-flowed>Jib track placement is kinda tricky because alot of sails are different even 
for the same boat.  I have installed 3 foot jib tracks forward of the 
orginals for my 115% and 100%.  The 150% I have wouldn't ever sheet properly 
on this new track.  I bought some 1" track and mounted it as far inboard as 
possible for tight sheeting angles but far enough away from the cabin trunk 
so the cars don't beat too much on the gelcoat during tacks.  I didn't bend 
them to the curve either as it is kinda difficult to get the exact curve 
replicated from the boat and since it is so short I only lost about an inch 
at the forward end.

As for placement my sailmaker (North Seattle)gave me a clue:
Hoist the sail for the track intended and take the sheet in your hand and 
run it down to the deck as if it were running through the car.  When you 
have that approximation, move the sheet placement forward or aft to get the 
sheet to run an imaginary line to the middle of the luff of the sail.  In 
other words if the sheet placement is accurate the sheet should parallel the 
line drawn from the car the midluff point.  This would be the "middle" 
position  Don't try to disect the leech / foot angle as this is inacurate.

Ok so you've got that placement, now factor in about a foot of travel 
forward and aft for different sheet lead positions and your set.

Fortunately my 115 likes to be about 6-8" from the forward end of the 150 
track so really I just needed to figure out how long the track needs to be 
for the 100 and butt the track up as close to and inline to the original.

My 115 is working great this way.  I can close the leech or foot all I need 
to and the boat points so much better than sheeting it to the rail.

Since you will be, hopefully, drilling the track holes once, factor in the 
length of track for 100% worker.  I have one and have sailed the boat in 
25-30 knots with a reefed main and although still way too much wind, the 
boat was very tame.  I would highly recommend it if you have those kind of 
winds in your area.

I have pictures of you'd like.

>From: "Rob/Linda" <>
>To: <>
>Subject: jib tracks
>Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 06:03:32 -0800
>I have seen the tech tips for installing the jib tracks. Does anyone know 
>the correct placement on the deck so as to maintain proper sail shape? And 
>other than tril and error how to determine the position?

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