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Re: jib tracks

Thanks gern, Iwould be interested in the photos.
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Sent: Wednesday, December 04, 2002 8:02 AM
Subject: Re: jib tracks

> Jib track placement is kinda tricky because alot of sails are different
> for the same boat.  I have installed 3 foot jib tracks forward of the
> orginals for my 115% and 100%.  The 150% I have wouldn't ever sheet
> on this new track.  I bought some 1" track and mounted it as far inboard
> possible for tight sheeting angles but far enough away from the cabin
> so the cars don't beat too much on the gelcoat during tacks.  I didn't
> them to the curve either as it is kinda difficult to get the exact curve
> replicated from the boat and since it is so short I only lost about an
> at the forward end.
> As for placement my sailmaker (North Seattle)gave me a clue:
> Hoist the sail for the track intended and take the sheet in your hand and
> run it down to the deck as if it were running through the car.  When you
> have that approximation, move the sheet placement forward or aft to get
> sheet to run an imaginary line to the middle of the luff of the sail.  In
> other words if the sheet placement is accurate the sheet should parallel
> line drawn from the car the midluff point.  This would be the "middle"
> position  Don't try to disect the leech / foot angle as this is inacurate.
> Ok so you've got that placement, now factor in about a foot of travel
> forward and aft for different sheet lead positions and your set.
> Fortunately my 115 likes to be about 6-8" from the forward end of the 150
> track so really I just needed to figure out how long the track needs to be
> for the 100 and butt the track up as close to and inline to the original.
> My 115 is working great this way.  I can close the leech or foot all I
> to and the boat points so much better than sheeting it to the rail.
> Since you will be, hopefully, drilling the track holes once, factor in the
> length of track for 100% worker.  I have one and have sailed the boat in
> 25-30 knots with a reefed main and although still way too much wind, the
> boat was very tame.  I would highly recommend it if you have those kind of
> winds in your area.
> I have pictures of you'd like.
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> >Subject: jib tracks
> >Date: Wed, 4 Dec 2002 06:03:32 -0800
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> >I have seen the tech tips for installing the jib tracks. Does anyone know
> >the correct placement on the deck so as to maintain proper sail shape?
> >other than tril and error how to determine the position?
> >
> >rob
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