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SJ23 Tech Tips

Good Day All:

I don't know about the rest of you but I'm anxious to get back on the
water. The sun is back up, days are getting longer and water is starting
to drip off the eaves.

In the interest of speed and respect to slower computer out there I've
removed the glow buttons from the Tech Tips home page. The java script
simply takes too long to load and didn't add any substance to the
effort! The glow effect was kinda cool though.

Just pure text on a web page is boring so I'll be modifying the index
pages later to make them a bit more effective.

Since we can't search this web site (have to pay for that feature) and
the number of tips is growing I'm thinking of abandoning the "toys" tips
and moving them to the other indexes. This should make it easier to find
a solution to a problem.  What do you think?

Best Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)

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