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Re: SJ23 Tech Tips

--- Bob Schimmel <bschimme@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Good Day All:
> I don't know about the rest of you but I'm anxious
> to get back on the
> water.                                       
--------Back on the water, what is wrong with you
guys.  Winter sailing is best, less heat, no tropical
storms and/or hurricanes, and more wind.   The boat
does take a beating with 12 months instead of 3-6 and
salt vs fresh though  Paul Clearwater Fl retired

Paul Rosebud Halenbeck --30 Turner St suite 908 --Clearwater Florida 33756                                                      "If you set aside 3 mile island, and Chernubyl nucular power has a good safty record."  Tresuary Securaty Paul O'Neil  --                                                         -"I cannot get no satasfaction, I can't get no Girlie action"  Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, written in Clearwater Fl at the Fort Harrison Hotel in 1965 after Clearwater P.D. closed down a concert for excessive rowdyness after 4 songs.

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