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Re: outboard

The half throttle comment was mine, and it only works because the 
9.8 and 15 hp engines are the same size and weight.  But I can 
feel a huge performance difference between the old Honda 7.5 and 
the current Johnson 15.  (I think the Honda could have used a 
better prop.)  I don't know what actual difference is  because I 
installed the knotmeter after I changed engines.  And I probably 
wouldn't believe it anyway, because the uncalibrated meter 
sometimes tells me I'm doing six knots idling across the harbor 
without a wake.

On 6 Apr 2002, at 12:24, Paul Halenbeck wrote:

> If I recall the archive discussion, someone was
> advocating a 15 or so, on the theory that one does not
> have to run-it full bore, and more power is good.  I
> wrote that I had a 9 1/2 on a baloba 20--too much
> power--and now have a 8 mercury 2 stroke on a Westerly
> 22--a heavy boat, especially as compared to the
> Sanjuan 23, and the 8 did everything I neeed and more.
>  This was true--on the inland lake I was on--but now
> on the Gulf of Mexico I could use  more power.  How
> much is a question, but would guess up to 15. This is
> tides, currents, and some really nifty waves at times.
>         So here is my oponion--inland-6-8 is fine.
> Maybe up to 9.9.  (but 9.9 is overkill)  Gulf of MX
> 9.9 + to 15.  This does not get to the 4 cycles being
> torquer? (more push at lower r.p.m.s.  Also note that
> several motors, using Merc as a example, are the same
> weight and size through several H.P. You get to look
> this one up yourself, but last I looked a 6 and a 10
> were the same weight and configuration.  When the Feds
> put motor limits in the Boundery waters canoe area,
> folks that used the motor routes would get the 15 hp
> and the cowling for the 8 and the federalias would
> have not a clue.  In that area there is some big
> water, and some long distances, and poking along with
> a low hp engine full of gear was painfull. Point being
> that one can move up a model without increasing
> weight, just cost.                           ---Part
> of the question is do you occasionally have to push
> through waves over the bow to get home on bigger water
> or not.  If so pop for the 8, or even a bit more.  A 6
> well do fine till water washes over the bow. A 8 will
> move it.  A 10-15 will move you with confidence, but
> there is more force on the bracket, stern, and need
> for better components. I have never felt that using a
> bracket even close to its rated limit was bright.  I
> also have re-enforced the stern with marine plywood or
> similar when installing a new bracket.  There are more
> that a couple motors at the botom of Big bay on Lake
> Vermillion (Minnesota) and between Grand portage and
> that island in Lake superior that looks like the wolfs
> eye due to storms vs brackets vs standard inslation.
> When your outboard lifts out of the water, then slams
> back there is alot of force on both the
> bracket/motor/and hull.                        Which
> gets to props.  The motor you buy has a standard prop,
> and you may want to get a prop designed to push a
> heavy load--like a sailboat, instead of the fishing
> boat that the factory prop was designed for.  Some
> salesmen will look at you like you are nuts, but
> tell-up what you are pushing, in weight, and to call
> the factory or distributor for a better prop for your
> application.  (Bob--moderate inland lake--5 is fine)  
>                      -------Disclamer--This oponion is
> just that of one guy, who mostly runs outboards that
> he finds used and cheap.   
> --- Bob Spencer <bspen@xxxxxxx> wrote:
> > I am in the process of purchasing a new motor for my
> > boat and need some
> > input on the appropriate size. I seem to recall a
> > discussion in the past
> > which indicated about a 6 hp outboard was required
> > to drive the boat to
> > hull speed, but don't remember the details of what
> > was said....maybe it was
> > a 5.5 hp. Does anyone use a 5 hp outboard on their
> > boat? If so, is that
> > enough powder?
> > 
> > All things being considered, I seem to be faced with
> > choosing between an 8
> > hp and a 5 hp. Any advice based on experience? My
> > sailing is done on a
> > moderate size inland lake, no tides, etc.
> > 
> > Bob
> > 
> > 
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