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Re: outboard

Paul said:

>Yes, and I was the one that said Chris was nuts, that
>8 or 6 was plenty.  I appolige to Chris publicly now,
>as I wish that I had a 15 or so, in the Gulf of MX,
>and with more distance.

Is there someone on the list who can explain to me the relationship between
power and hull speed? A displacement hull can only be driven so fast, and
as long as you have enough power to do that, what good does any excess do
you? I was taught that all power above that is wasted. Is that not correct?

Also, can anyone clue me in as to the best type of prop for a sailboat, and
which pitch is best? The motor I'm considering is said to handle props with
pitch from 6.5" to 9.5". I'm looking for power, not speed, so which pitch
is best to drive a displacement hull? I'm guessing 6.5"... correct?


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