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Re: knot meter

Try finding out who was the original manufacture. The easiest way is to look in the indicator dial and also get model number. Some will list city and state, and look them up in phone book. You can also call West Marine to get number or on the web. Different SJ will have different manufactures. Hope this helps.


Rolland1 wrote:

Hello all,      Late last summer, our knot meter stopped working.  A sailor out at our club said that we might have lost the magnets that go on the meter.  After we took our boat out of the water, we checked and found only 2 magnets (out of 5) that were still on the propeller part of the knot meter (I'm sure that's not the proper term).  Does anyone know where to get replacement magnets and what type??                    Thanks,                    Diane --please write to Rolland1@xxxxxxxxxxx

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