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RE: mourning

I believe I can fully empathize, been there too many times. However, be
assured that we will take good care of her, and she is close by. I will
be more than happy to get together for a sail or just a swim and
conversation with a barby going on the rail.

Too bad I can't trump your mourning with my excitement. It's been many
years since I've been this excited. I can't wait to just be on the boat,
on quiet water reading a book, or watching the sun go down with a cup of
hot chocolate and listening to the loons and night hawks.

> I had no idea that selling Pogy Bait would be so traumatic, but now
> that the deed is done, I am having trouble shaking the feeling that I
> have lost a cherished family member.

BTW, on another note. Have you given any thought to what that bulkhead
with the radio and mounting point for the speaker in that corner will do
to the compass? I'm thinking we ought to test it before mounting. Any

You mentioned being moved to "associate skipper" status. I tried to add
my name to the "skipper" list but the web page let me down. I guess I'll
have to contact him by email.

Does anyone ever organize cruises for the SJ23's? I found a trailer
sailor web page and bulletin board and they organize cruises so may tag
along on those eventually.

Having trouble sleeping with all the plans circulating. :-)

Looking forward to Sunday


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