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Re: mourning

>I have asked Chuck to move
>me to the Associate Skippers list, but I will always sail my SJ23 in
>my dreams.

I think you speak the truth, Jack. It's very strange to me how we manage to
invest so much emotion in a man-made object, but I am certainly capable of
that, and how. I was fortunate enough to be the owner and pilot of an old
cloth and wood, open cockpit biplane, a 1941 Stearman, for eight years, and
I came to love it dearly. Because I had a heart attack, I wound up selling
it in 1987, and I knew the instant it took off on its sayonara flight that
I had made a mistake. I wasn't wrong. I still think of the blasted thing
very frequently after all these years, and it's ridiculous how much I miss
it. I always will, I'm sure. I'll never feel that way about my San Juan,
but I can easily understand how someone could. For my part, few more
beautiful things have ever been made than a really attractive sailboat.
It's more than looks, though, it's the.... essence.


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