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I have been looking for what will likely be a better
prop for my 8 H.P merc carrying a 3000# load. (No it
is not a sanjaun, but is a orphan)  Merc seems to not
have the information, but Tohatsu has a chart for
light/medium/heavy loads on 2 and 4 stroke outboarts. 
 I have not gone out with this info to merc yet to
inquire, but assume the pitch chart would be helpful
for us that would like to get props that are likely to
do a better job that the standard that came with the
motor. ,                                             
--The Tohatsu site is not hard to find. Paul

Paul Rosebud Halenbeck --30 Turner St suite 908 --Clearwater Florida 33756                                                      "If you set aside 3 mile island, and Chernubyl nucular power has a good safty record."  Tresuary Securaty Paul O'Neil  --                                                         -"I cannot get no satasfaction, I can't get no Girlie action"  Keith Richards of the Rolling Stones, written in Clearwater Fl at the Fort Harrison Hotel in 1965 after Clearwater P.D. closed down a concert for excessive rowdyness after 4 songs.

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