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Re: Mainsail Slider slug placement

Patrick -
I switched from the bolt rope after a year with my used SJ23.  I took the
sail to a sailmaker and he knew just what to use, but I'm not sure whether
the slides are plastic or nylon.  With the slides, it was much easier than me
clinging to the mast and messing around with the old bolt rope, and there
was not much of a loss in trim with the luff not being quite as tight as it
used to be.
Since we're on the subject - I've always wondered why the foot of the
main is so baggy.  The sail isn't stretched, it seems that it was made that
way.  Could if be because it's a "West Coast" boat?  My sailing buddy
knows the ins and outs of small sail boats, but he can figure it out
Paul Hensler
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Subject: Mainsail Slider slug placement

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> Dear Chuck,
>    I purchased my 1978 sail #149 SJ 23 in March this year and have enjoyed
> her to date. I've been busy upgrading and restoring her but have a few
> questions on my next project. I installed lazy jacks and now need to
> the mainsail operation. I've been inserting the luff rope in the slot of
> spar and now want a better system. I wanted to install a mainsail slider
> system but found out because of the teardrop cross section shape of the
> mast, most systems cannot be applied . Do you have any suggestions? Slugs
> seem to be the option. What are the differences between plastic and nylon
> slugs. What size slug do I need. How many slugs and what are the positions
> of placement on the sail. Do I need to take the sail to a loft for
> modification. Any other comments or options are gladly appreciated.
> Yours truly,
> Patrick
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