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RE: Mainsail Slider slug placement

I have a 1979 SJ23 and need to replace a couple of the sail slugs and
several of the shackles. I find the slugs easily but I cannot find
appropriate shackles. I've searched both West Marine and Defender.

The stainless shackles that I find do not give the length, which needs
to be 1" *inside*. I don't want to replace with nylon or plastic since
that's the problem now.

Any ideas?


Wes Woods

> I have a 1980 SJ23 and plan to add slugs to the main.  I purchased
> slugs and plastic shackles from Defender (, page 276 in
> 2002 catalog.  You are supposed to be able to attach the shackles to
> sail with having to install cringes or grommets.  Haven't gotten
around to
> doing the installation yet so I can't say how they will work.

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