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Re: Burgee orders and SJ23 WebPage change

Chuck Vande Wetering wrote:

> Sorry Skippers, the price of six burgees comes out to 14.75 each not
> 12.50
>      ----- Original Message -----
>      From: Chuck Vande Wetering
>      To: SanJuan23list
>      Sent: Saturday, August 10, 2002 10:42 AM
>      Subject: Burgee orders and SJ23 WebPage change
>       Skippers, I just contacted our burgee manufacturer and
>      found they had moved. The new address and purchase
>      information is now updated on the SJ23 WebPages. Prices have
>      gone up to $35.00 for a single burgee but the price for an
>      order of six (6) is $12.50 each. I have placed the photos
>      from the San Juan 23 Internet Fleet Index page on a separate
>      page so the first (index) page will open much faster. The
>      photos really slow it down. Let me know if this is an
>      improvement for you or if you prefer it the way it was. I
>      still invite you to send me photos (about 400 X 600 pixels)
>      and cruise or racing news. Content is getting stale. Chuck
>      and Barbara Vande Wetering
>      wwp62@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>      40 Bald Hill Road
>      Friday Harbor, Wa 98250
>      "We can't control the wind but we can adjust the sails"

Hi Chuck;

I like it the way it is.  It loads faster and is quicker to get to the
info I need.  That's also why I changed the Tech Tip page.  Good work.

Kind Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)

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