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Fw: Asking questions about racing

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I added this to the News and Races page in the San Juan 23 Internet Webpages. Congratulations and thanks for the news.
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From: Bret Hart
Sent: Tuesday, October 15, 2002 3:30 PM
Subject: Asking questions about racing

I did a fair amount of racing here in Seattle this summer.  My club Corinthian Yacht Club of Edmonds has a weekly summer series then they put on a race called  Foulweather Bluff race.  The summer series is pretty small per race, about ten to fifteen boats and when it was all said and done we came in 11th out of 21 boats.  Then we did Foulweather Bluff a couple weeks ago and placed fourth for Division 1, corrected.  We placed 34 out of 60 boats and beat a few I would have never thought possible.  We rate 257 PHRF.  We are having a blast and owe lots to the rigging tips you post.  Thanks for the good work.
Here's a link to the final standings  The Summer Series results are also within that site.
Yes I'm gloating a bit and I'll tell my story to anyone who'll listen! :-)
Are you still in Friday Harbor area?  I was up there this summer cruising and wondered if I'd bump into your boat.  I saw a couple SJ 23's but didn't recognize them as yours from the pictures posted.

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