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RE: My first sailboat

This sounds like the pipe to the through-hull for the sink. That's where
mine is.


> Here is another newbie question for you.  When you look under 
> the port seat inside the cabin, there is a pipe that comes 
> out of the floor and ends at a point.  The pipe is bent about 
> 30 degrees and the point is serrated as if to hold a hose.  
> The pipe has a knob.  The entire thing looks like a spigot 
> similar to what you would find in your hose, just a little 
> more modern, and painted black.  I was going to turn the 
> knob, but decided against it since I know what happens when 
> you turn the knob to the spigot at your house :-). 
> Paul Borghese

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