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Re: Purchase of SanJuan 23 with deck leaks

Try the solutions in the following Tech Tips.
B05 - leaky window.
B07 - leaky chain plate.
B16 - Leaky toe rail.

You might want to use some chalk to draw a line along the cabin wall. Go from the bow, aft to the end of the cabin. If the water is running down the wall it will pull the chalk with it, revealing the location of the leak. Don't assume the leak is immediately overhead. It is very easy for water to travel along the toe rail or between the laminates of the deck. Although the later is less likely. I didn't know about plywood around the chain plate and stanchions, but it makes sense for the compression resistance. Mine have balsa wood which I stiffened with unthickened WEST epoxy. Several applications soon saturated the wood. In the end I sealed the deck through hole with thickened epoxy. Let me know how you make out. Send me some pictures and a description of your problem if you can.

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