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Re: Cockpit instrument panel

When I get out to the shop I'll try to get a photo of the lovely, heavy plexiglas, instrument panel Dave built to hold the compass dead center to the cockpit with the knotmeter beside it.  
It is mounted to the cockpit side top lip of the sliding hatch cover. There is a cut-out for the hinge/padlock mechanism.  It is just high enough over the top of the hatch to accommodate the "Through-Plexiglas", not bulkhead, holes and extends an inch or so above the waterproof, bulkhead compass for strength. The instruments mount to the panel as they would to a bulkhead.   The boom is not in contact with the top of the panel when sailing and it allows perfect visibility between the instruments. We attach this panel with bolts and wingnuts to the cockpit side of the lip and remove it when we leave the boat.  A simple extension of the wiring allows us to hook up from inside the cabin and reaches out to the back of the instruments when used.  Visually these bundled, wire-tied leads, with the connection fitting to power the instruments, is the weakest link.  It fits easily through the hole in the lip for the track when the hatch is closed, otherwise just slips up behind the panel with enough slack for a fully open or shut hatch cover.
Betsy Schultz
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From: Ned Cosby
Sent: Saturday, December 14, 2002 6:20 AM
Subject: Questions and Greetings

Dear SJ23 Brothers and Sisters,
Merry Christmas almost! 
I am daydreaming about next sailing season already.  My boat did not come with a compass and I'm wondering what type to get and where to put it.  I would prefer not to do a through-bulkhead since I'm generally againt putting holes in boats.  I've thought about making a board that would fit snuggly in the bottom of the companionway and attaching the compass to that.  I want the compass colse to the centerline of the boat, but I don't want to interfere with the operation of the nearby mainsheet traveler.
Also, I bought a used 27' tandem galvanized trailer with bunks that I'm modifying for my SJ23.  I've read the techtips, but wonder if any of you have experience setting up bunk supports?
Ned Cosby (One Juan 2:3)
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