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Hey I want to thank you guys for running this list.  It has been a huge
help to me.  I know running a list is a thankless job and consumes far
more bandwidth and time then people realize.  I do have a few
suggestions you may choose to ignore if you wish.

Why not simply change the unsubscribe policy to approve+confirm which
will require the end-user to send an authentication message back to the
server to allow for unsubscription?  I am assuming you are trying to
prevent one person from unsubscribing a second person.  

As it stands now, the list is in violation of the MAPS "Basic Mailing
List Management Guidelines for Preventing Abuse" and can be considered

Go to:

I have been running a 20,000+ user mailing list since 1998 and have the
policy of simply allowing unsubscriptions without approval and have
never had a problem.  I always figured I would make it as easy as
possible for people to unsubscribe and harden it if it was abused.  So
far it has not been a problem.

My second suggestion is to change the reply-to field on the list.
Currently the list has the reply-to field set to point back to the list.
This makes it extremely difficult to reply directly to the original
poster.  A significant number of postings are private postings directed
to the individual but are needlessly sent to the list.

I suggest we change the list configuration so the Reply To: field is the
sender and not the list.  Making this change will allow us to easily
send a private message back to the sender.   If you want to send a
message only to the poster you simply hit "reply".  To send to the
entire list you can hit "Reply All" which will send a message to the
sender and the list (which is in the To: field).  

The majordomo configuration file needs to be changed to:
reply_to            = $SENDER

Just some suggestions.  Again thanks for running the list and please
disregard if you do not find my suggestions useful.

Take care,

Paul Borghese

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Have patience.  When you submitted your unsubscribe request, the command

goes to Hal or Chuck who remove your address from the list manually.  It

is for improved security that Hal chose to do this operation manually. 
Unfortunately they are both away for the holidays. Your request will be 
processed when they return. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Kind Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)

SJ23 - 


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San Juan 23 Internet Fleet:
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