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Replacing wiring in the mast

Title: RE: Projects
Over the past couple of years I've made multiple efforts to get either the the mast head casting or the footing/pivot casting off of my mast to replace the radio and masthead wiring.  It's a bear!  The factory screws on my 1977 SJ23 obviously haven't been off for years and I don't want to force them, the slots are already scarred up from a previous owners attempts.  Is there a trick to getting stainless steel screws out of aluminum?  Someone told me to heat it to remove the oxides that bind the screws, but again I don't want to get too agressive and end up with a non-functional mast.  Are there any marine repair shops in the Seattle area that specialize in mast repair and rehab that I could take it to?  ANy advice would be most welcome.
Pat Nealson
SJ23 "Risk"

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