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Re: Replacing wiring in the mast

There are some higher quality penetrating oils on the market that will soak into the corrosion and loosen it up so you can remove the screws. Be patient this takes time. I would try this first before you apply heat to the mast. Applying heat to the mast will require a torch as the aluminum will conduct the heat away too fast for a soldering iron. The danger with a torch is that you could "blow" a hole in the mast.

When you finally remove the sheet metal screws, replace them with machine screws coated with water proof grease. It's OK to go a little oversize on the screws as you will have to drill out the old anyway to get clean metal. Tap a machine thread into the mast base which is nice and thick for this. Read the note at the bottom of Tech Tip F17,


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Bob Schimmel
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