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Re: New skippers

Does anyone on the majordomo e-mail list know who these people are? They need to subscribe to the majordomo list as covered in the link on the San Juan 23 Internet Fleet WebPages and then e-mail me at wwp62@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx to be added to th Skipper pages. When they try to come this way though mobilegraphics e-mail I do not get their e-mail address so I have no way to contact them except through here and chances are they won't get this either.
Chuck Vande Wetering
SJ23 Internet Fleet Webmaster.
-------Original Message-------
Date: Monday, February 17, 2003 13:50:14
Subject: New skippers
Please add  us to the internet fleet skippers.
Rob Ochsendorf & Linda Norman
Saling  ANNIE
on Slocan Lake B.C.
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