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Ruby Slipper Goodies

"Ruby Slipper" did not have even one piece of wire in here when I started. I decided after much reasearch that the place for me to put my batteries was under the Vberth. That is all that I have under there. I built a wood soaked in epoxy box with tiedowns. Everything I had heard about the boat is that the sanjuan needs weight in the bow. A water tank always changes weight but bateries never do. I have installed 2 6v golf cart batteries for power. I have an onboard charger and a generator on the motor. I can usually run my batteries for 3 or 4 days under full load.
Spreader lights
nav lights
int lights
12v cooler
power inverter
and various other goodies...

I have also revised the wiring and the power panel to support the system.
One of these days I keep telling myself that I will get some pictuers and send them to the web site. I have tons of mods on my boat ...I need to share...
Good Sailing

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