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Re: Ron K -  Bahamas bound?

Hi Mike

The top is four rib system two high & two low with a zip out window in the middle, the hard part is to get the top made.  I designed to the top so that it will be fully functional under full sail, as you know our boom is pretty low & our cockpit is small and a regular top wont work well. The top hangs over the stern about a 18" & is tall enough to stand under, this provides shade in the back of the boat, the front section fits under the boom a goes up to the travler,the drop in the midle(about 12") is where I put the window (like a dodger). It's a blessing when you are out in the middle of nowhere & looking for a little shade to keep from poaching your brain. I can make the bows & my guy can make the top for you (the first one was the hard one) he can use mine as a model.


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