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Re: SJ23 cabin Heater

Some people I know of use this style of heater while asleep. Although most will heat the cabin for evening and snuff the flame just before beddy bye time, preferring to rely on the warmth of a good sleeping bag. Some don't like the hiss noise of the flame.

The problem with the gas fueled unit is that it looses pressure as the fuel is consumed. Then the heater will likely become sooty up the chimney as the flame dies.
The propane unit will burn clean as long there is fuel and pressure in the tank. It starts very quick and will burn clean all the time. However, the propane tank requires an automatic shutoff valve in case of a leak. It is probably a good idea to install an oxygen depletion detector in the cabin if you decide to sleep with either unit burning.

The majority use of these heaters are used at the dock or anchored in the rain doing maintenance, reading a book or party time. Just go into an anchorage and watch which boat has people on board. 9 times out 10 they'll be on the heated boat, regardless of the size. There is nothing like a warm cabin to make you feel snug and cozy. There is also nothing like a damp, cold cabin to drive you off the water and away from boating. Gawd what a miserable feeling. I would much rather be on land where walking can keep me warm.

Hope that helps.


Kind Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)

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