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RE: Gelcoat repair

Thanks Gene!


Actually I looked at the cracks again and realize my description is a little off. It is more gelcoat chips where the gelcoat has flaked away. In some places the gelcoat may have chipped an inch or so. None are very deep as if something impacted it. Just the gelcoat chipping away.


Suggestions on how to repair?




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The size of the cracks you describe sound to me like you have structural problems. Do you know if your boat has been hit at some time? I would start by having someone shine a strong light on the cracks one at a time, and you get in the boat, and see if you see cracks. I think you will.If there are cracks They need to be ground out two inches beyond the end you can see, at a sixteen to one taper. Count the layers of glass, and cut narrow strips to fill the crack. Try to match the layers of glass, and only do two or three layers until they kick. If you grind from the inside, you can put clear tape over the outside, and you will have a smooth finish outside. Your repair will be about 75% as strong as new. When you get the cracks repaired, you can sand the outside, and mask around the cracks, and spray them all at once. You then wet sand them down to match the original gelcoat. You can the drink beer for the rest of the afternoon.

Gene Adams

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Subject: Gelcoat repair


What suggestions does everyone have for repairing large gelcoat cracks in my hull?  I have a few cracks that are about 1’ by ’ and deep enough to show the gray fiberglass.  What about corner gouges?




Paul Borghese

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