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It floats!

#363 has finally seen the water! After 5 months of off and on work, I took her to the sail club this weekend, stepped the mast and floated her - no sailing yet. I'll detail the hectic last 2 weeks in a later email, but I rewired the boat, incl new aqua signal pulput mounted bow light, put on a split stern pulpit from Catalina Direct - a nice fit, BTW, - a custom stainless steel bow cap, a different pulpit, an electic bilge pump with similiar to the one listed in tech tips, and reworked the lifelines.  She looks much pretier inthe water with the mast up, than on a trailer in my back yard.     -----------Very important safety tip -  years ago, Ken Gurganus urged the San Juan 21 Association crew to keep some extra trailer lug nuts with them at all times.  Suffice it to say, I heeded his warning, and actually needed them this past weekend!

Mike R 
Statesville, NC

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