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SJ23 Tech Tips

Good Day All:

A very confused reader had trouble understanding a Tech Tip the other day. Try as he might, he couldn't figure it out. He reread the Tip for several days, till in desperation he sent out a cry for help. After an "objective" reread of the Tip, I conceded that the text was "out to lunch," due to one substituted word. It changed the meaning of the Tech Tip quite a lot. So much in fact, that the original idea was lost. I was wrong; only the second time in my life though!!!!!

Now, I like to keep my technical writing skills sharp by publishing these Tech Tips, but every once in a while a screw up slips through the cracks. Technical writing must be objective and sometimes it is difficult to explain a concept at the risk of wordiness. It is also difficult to eliminate colloquialism. It creeps into a language to give it colour. Aside from that, words are sometimes substituted for the sake of interest or to eliminate repetition. You see how troubles can creep into a document? This is one of the reasons why I placed a glossary of nautical terms at

In the absence of my buddy who used to proof read my documents, (gawd I miss that) I appreciate receiving the occasional nudge to correct a mistake. So please don't pull your hair out in frustration. Don't hesitate to send that email to ask for clarification.


Kind Regards

Bob Schimmel
(Always stay curious)

SJ23 -


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