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Mystery knotmeter

Fellow San Juan Skippers,


When I bought my boat awhile back the analog knotmeter was disconnected.  So far I haven’t been able to even identify the brand of knotmeter.  I would like to find out how to wire it to see if it works.  I’m hoping another San Juan may have the same model knotmeter or can at least give me some help with the wire connections.


The scale on the face of the knotmeter goes to 12 kts.  Printed on the face is the logo “rbII”.  The back of the knotmeter has 4 screw terminals.


There is a black box associated with the knotmeter (but not directly attached) about the size of a thick pack of cigarettes.  The box has “KL1000” written on it.  It has 5 screw terminals on it.  There is also a wire bundle coming out of the box that contains 5 wires.


Can anyone help solve the mystery?


Dave Gottschalk



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