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Another New Owner :o)

Danny, my husband has not yet posted to the listgroup so I thought I'd introduce ourselves. We've been lurking so here is part of our story... :o)

We are also new owners (about 1 1/2 months now) of a San Juan 23, 1978 in near perfect condition. She has no name- perhaps Kestrel (we love bird watching and I have raised, rehabbed and released many Kestrels) or Flittermaus (we are also cavers; bat in German). You wouldn't believe how cared for this boat is and we looked at many boats before we decided on her. All of the inside (I'm no sailor so don't expect sailor-ease language from me!) is teak and the former owner built custom drawers under the sofa/ beds. We are brand new, total neophytes to sailing, but spend every weekend on her and are learning quickly.

We live in Birmingham, Alabama and have her in a slip at beautiful Lake Guntersville, a lake surrounded by rolling mountains, lots of limestone bluffs and a winter Eagle migration site. The bird watching is fantastic and the Alabama weather near perfect. Guntersville is about one and half hours from our house and in the heart of caving country so we can cave on one day and sail the next! Perfect! No more 3:00 am drive home from a long cave trip adventures- now we just camp on the boat! Hooray! We are having great time learning everything and thankfully, he has a near photographic memory and has devoured every book on sailing small boats he can find. Me? My petite brain will only hold so much info!

When not captaining, Danny works for Alabama Power Company in fire safety, compliance and confined space rescue/ emergency response and I am an archaeozoologist specializing in animal use systems of the southeastern Indians, but experienced in all manner of archaeological site work.

Look forward to reading the listgroup posts and hope the weather is wonderful for you!

Donna and Danny Cobb

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