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o'brian movie

Just came from seeing the late show of "Master and Commander: Far Side of the World". It's magnificent, highly recommended. In particular, the shots aloft during sail handling are spot on, and the scenes of sailing around Cape Horn had me on the verge of screaming with excitement--perfectly captures those sailing moments when you're right on the knife's edge between total ecstasy and abject panic. There is a good bit of gore (it is a war movie as well as a sailing movie), so be prepared for that too. If you're a fanatic for the O'Brian novels I think you'll be pleased: this is not a story O'Brian wrote, but our most favorite characters and moments are there (please Jack don't tell that tired old joke yet again....oh no!), just woven together a bit differently.

As it happens, a couple of weeks ago I finally managed to watch the final two episodes of the BBC/A&E Hornblower series, and the difference in production quality is huge. Hornblower's sailing is all in sunny weather, light air, spotless unfrayed lines, spacious decks; its battles are in clean uniforms and perfect visibility. Master and Commander looks dirty, gritty, real.

Do yourself a favor and see it on a large screen with a great sound system.


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