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RE: mainsail and all the trimmings


I do not think there is any standard on a boat almost 30 years old. Sails are one the best investments on a sailboat.  A nice sail is a pleasure to trim.  Attempting to trim old rag is merely fustrating.  I have made a semi full battened main.  It is a pentax main with a star cut.  The battens are semi-full.  The top batten is full. The bottom betten goes about 0.25 cord length. I don't think a full battened main in necessary until you start getting a lot of roach on the cut.  I don't think the full battened main can be trimmend as well as the semi.  Older dacron mains will be less likely to have leach lines than newer model sails.  Its a little more work to sew but worth having. I belive there is a miniscule amount of extra drag from the seam. The drag is off set bu the ability to tune the leech of the sail.  It also gives the ability to detune the sail.  May you trimmings be happy ,wether it be turkey or dacron.


>From: "Rob/Linda"
>Reply-To: sanjuan23@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
>Subject: mainsail
>Date: Tue, 2 Dec 2003 17:11:49 -0800
>My mainsail has no leech line,was this standard? Has anyone converted their main to fully battened and how did the boat perform?

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