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Re: blisters

There are two basic ways to deal with blisters. One if they are confined to specific areas, sand off the tops, fill them, and bottom paint over them. Two, Take all the gel coat off with a disc grinder, and 12 grit resin discs. Put one coat of interlux 2000 epoxy, and fair with fairing compound. Put two more coats of first coat on the bottom, and finish with two coats of the finish coat. You can apply the epoxy with a paint roller, and finish with a foam brush to smooth. I have done several of these, and find the interlux system the easiest to use. You need to have the hull dry, which may involve hauling your boat, and drying it under a well ventilated tarp for a month or more. You can call me at 360 445 2814, if you have questions.
Gene Adams
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Sent: Sunday, January 12, 2003 10:48 AM
Subject: blisters

Hi skipper happy new year to you all

Any one have some good ideas on how to deal with blisters on the hull?

Ron Katz
Macon Ga

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