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Centerboard control to cockpit and other projects

I have moved the centerboard control to cockpit, as shown on the SJ 23 web page.  The only part I am not clear on is -  what type fitting was used (on Joy IV) to get the line through the bulkead into the cockpt?  I have a hole drilled, and am using a fairlead and then a harken cam bolted to the port side cockpit locker, and that seems to work well, but it needs something to smooth out the 'through the bulkhead' section.

An update on other projects on # 363 - I have been busy -  I built a smoked lexan companionway hatch complete with vent and lock hasp, as well as replaced the startboad side wooden bulkhead inside the cabin(it was BAD!). And  I am halfway through a complete overhaul of the electrical system (such as it is)...

any advice on the line through the bulkhead is appreciated


Mike R 

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