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Re: SJ 23 events

I hate to spoil your trip but I already checked it out years ago and there are no virgins down there!
I posted your news on the SJ23 Internet Fleet webpage under News and Race Schedules. Thanks for the input.
Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
"We can't control the wind, but we can adjust the sails."

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Date: Thursday, January 16, 2003 08:27:28
Subject: SJ 23 events

I'd be open to travel to an SJ 23 regatta/cruise - however, my spring budget is already allotted to a Charter in the Virgin Islands...

Do you sail Lake Lanier?

For future reference, the Lake Norman YC (Charlotte) hosts a multiclass keel boat one design 'midwinter' regatta third weekend in March - three boats gets you a start...this year, San Juan 21's, Ultimate 20's, S2 7.9's and Soverel 33's are holding their midwinter championships in conjunction with this event. We also host three super regattas in the year- a Hospice regatta in April, a nice party (with the possibility of sailing ) July 4th, and a good saling event for Labor Day. Three boats will usually get you a start, or there is always PHRF. We have three SJ 23's (at least) on Lake Norman.

Mike R
Statesville, NC


AutoWizrd@xxxxxxx wrote:

>High Skippers:
>Here are couple things you may want to add to your calendars, mid-February a
>trip to Tampa Bay for Gasparilla, the Mardi Gras of Florida, mid-March the
>cherry blossom regatta in Macon Ga.on Lake Juliette, April 12 a flotilla of
>15 to 25 boats will sail to Bimini in the Bahamas for a week or two. After
>the Bimini trip, the 49th or 50th running of the Mug race is just down the
>road, the race starts on May 3rd at the Palatka Florida and sails 41 miles
>down the St. John's River to Jacksonville. The St. John's River is the only
>River in the United States that flows north. It's quite a site to be involved
>in a regatta that has 150 to 200 boats in it. If we can get 5 boats we can
>have our own class. For more information about the race you can contact a
>Rudder club in Jacksonville or me, my email adders is Autowizard@xxxxxxx and
>my phone # is 478-742-7426.I hope to see yall on the water.
>Ron Katz
>Macon Ga

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