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Re: Centerboard control to cockpit and other projects

Have you had the boat in the water since changing the lead for your
centerboard? It looks to me like it will leak, as the cabin sole is at, or
below the waterline.
Gene Adams
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> >>On Joy IV I used an upright lead on  the inside and a deck bushing with
> ferrule to go through the bulkhead. Then a small (cheap) horn cleat.
> Rgds<<
> Mike -  thanks for the reply -  and pardon my ignorance -  what is an
upright lead (a little black fairlead?) where did you aquire the correct
ferrule and deck bushing?
> I believe that this is a great upgrade, please see attached doc which
diagrams my derivation of this design
> Many thanks
> Mike R
> Statesville, NC
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