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Depite it being REALLY cold this weekend, I completed the centerboard line to cockpit conversion ( using the suggested ferrule and stand up block -  very nice) and rewired the boat -  There was minimal wiring left  -  previous owners had stripped most of it (or added splices at really odd spots to power now non-existent accessories)  The original Clark elec panel works fine! I added an cigarette lighter plug at the mast compression post to power either the 12v Hella Turbo fan (best thing since sliced bread) or the small B/W Tv - I like to watch football, what can I say!  Photos will be forthcoming.         I have pulled the galley unit and installed a set of steps inside the hull.  Easily swapped back out. Photos forthcoming.

I have been in contact with Dennis Clark and will have an updated Clark Boat Co. History forthcoming with some of his comments inclluded.  Hre has responded positively to the initial draft.

And now some quesions?

Anyone know the description of the turning block on the cabin top for the main halyard? (size, etc)  Does anyone make those interior cabin lights any more?  One works, one doesn't, would like to match 'em.  Anyone familiar with a source for discounted winches?  would like to find one (lewmar #6)to match existing one.   

I believe that the manual Bilge pump will be the next project.

Many thanks

Mike R
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