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Re: Greetings & Tiller conversion

I have had both a wheel (Catalina 36') and a tiller` and prefer the tiller with an auto pilot. You will come to love the tiller I am sure.
Chuck Vande Wetering
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Date: Monday, February 03, 2003 16:56:14
Subject: Greetings & Tiller conversion
Hello all,

I am very excited to have just picked up a San Juan 23............

My question is: Has any one converted their tiller to a wheeled helm? I
know its more complex equipment to potentially break, but I've gotten so
used to it that I'm kinda hesitating on going back to the tiller (it's been
20 years - maybe it's not as annoying as I remember). I can see several
mechanical issues with installing a wheel system, such as

1) mounting it mid cockpit would take up as much room as the tiller
essentially (more actually).

2) mounting it backwards on inside of the transom is the most likely
candidate, but that block access to the engine, etc.

3) a worm drive system is not practical, so it would probably have to be a
hydraulic system, which would certainly be subject to salt spray galore.

4). I might be just as happy with an autopilot. And for $400 or so, they'd
probably save me a boat load of design headaches.

Any ideas, comments, bad noises?


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