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San Juan 23 Inter-Galactic Championships

Ken Gurganus and I were discussing 23's at this past weekend's San Juan 21 Midwinters National Championships. We discussed -  has anyone one ever held an SJ 23 Nationals? The discussion was upgraded (By Banks Sails Mark Weinheimer)to a San Juan 23 Inter-Galactic Championships. The tought is that 23 racing would be a laid back kind of affair, with a significant social element - so I posed -  would anyone come? The response was a solid "maybe' -the thinking is that having it at a place where there were several active 23's, and at a location not too in-accessible would help- so the challenge has been laid down -  how about a San Juan 23 Intergalactic championship (we'd have to have an east coast and a west coast version?) Maybe an east coast version at New Bern, NC? Maybe a 'race' out to Cape Lookout from Beaufort?

Mike R
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