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SJ23 Webpage Access and Reconstruction

 SJ23 Skippers,
If you access our SJ23 Internet Fleet Website very often, you have probably been temporarily denied access from time to time.  This is because the site is experiencing many hits at a given time and Geocities-Yahoo (our  server) has placed a limit on our free access. They continually hit me up to purchase more time and space which I ignore. It is usually only about an hour wait and access is again available.
We are experiencing a long index page opening time due to the format in which the website was originally created and has been expanded by me, especially when I mount so many photos on the index page. I still do not know much HTML but I am a great copy and paster. I am now learning to use Microsoft Front Page to reconstruct the site so the opening time is only a few seconds and then everything else is accessed by link. I am doing this with the old Geocities basic format and you may experience a little trouble navigating around the pages.
I will eventually set up a new WebPage using Front Page and place it on a server offered to myself and Bob Schimmel (the TechTips webmaster and creator) by one of our skippers, Paul Borghese. In the meantime please be patient but please DO contact me if you experience a serious problem getting to what you want to access. Please send messages DIRECTLY to me, not through the E-mail list. Please let me know whether you like this new format or still prefer the old one with lots of photos displayed even though it opens so slowly.
Chuck and Barbara Vande Wetering
"We can't control the wind, but we can adjust the sails."
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