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Re: New San Juan 23 Group

I placed a link to this Yahoo Group on the SJ23 Internet Fleet WebPages where other chat links are entered in case you misplace Raleigh's e-mail invitation. But watch those chat roms. My wife won't let me go there!!!
Chuck Vande Wetering
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Date: Monday, March 24, 2003 14:25:31
Subject: New San Juan 23 Group

I have recently created a Yahoo! Group for anyone interested in the San Juan 23.    I enjoy participating in the SJ23 Internet Fleet and appreciate the efforts of those that maintain the web site. I do not wish to re-create the wheel or ruffle any feathers but Yahoo! Groups offer some features that do not seem to be currently available through the Internet Fleet web site or majordomo e-mail list unless I am just missing something (it has happened before!). I see the new Group as an enhancement to the communications capabilities available to SJ 23 enthusiasts, not as a replacement.

Please check out the new Group if you are interested: .


Raleigh Martin

?Liberty Call?



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