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Re: Battery installations

Tech Tip E08 shows the position of my battery in the starboard settee as some have already pointed out.  I found that with the Port Lazarette full of items such as gas tank, space sheets, two-cycle oil, etc., etc., the battery on the starboard side created a balance, albeit a little forward of the port side load.  I effectively balance the boat otherwise with less permanent items such as parts, sails, tools, refreshments and of course crew.
The key to position however, is to ensure you don't invite a battery tip (particularly a non-sealed one).  This is the intent of Tech Tip E08; to tie it in place.  I my case the plywood platform under the battery has an angled base to place the battery level when the boat is at rest.
The starboard settee is dry, out of the way and close to my electrical panel (aft end above the starboard settee).  Electrical panel location in large measure drives this location.  The other consideration is that my motor with built in charger is on the starboard side.  The charging line is run through a plug (Bob, do you have a tip on this innovation you showed me?) in the aft of the cockpit and then concealed along the coaming above the quarterberth, therefor less side to side wire transfer.
Doug Murray
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Sent: Monday, March 24, 2003 2:19 PM
Subject: Battery installations

Does anyone have any digital photos of their battery installations that you can send me?  My boat came with no battery mounting whatsoever; the battery was just lying at the bottom of the port cockpit locker with solid core copper wires running across the cabin to the original distribution switch panel. I am considering different mounting and wiring options.  I don’t like the idea of mounting it on top of the starboard quarter berth, as described in the tech tips, or too far aft.  I would appreciate any photos, drawings, etc. that would help me solidify my choice.  Please send any photos to raleigh.martin@xxxxxxx . Thanks.


Raleigh Martin

Liberty Call”



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