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Re: Battery installations

If I may add my 2 cents... My battery is also on a shelf in the port locker.  It may have been an add-on by a previous owner, who knows?  There is a small ventilation hole through the transom.  The hole is convenient to feed my outboard fuel line through.

Regarding boat balance, my outboard is mounted on the starboard side of the transom.  I think the fuel tank and the battery on the port side provide good counterbalance.

Dave Gottschalk

Original message attached.

Does anyone have any digital photos of their battery installations that you can send me?  My boat came with no battery mounting whatsoever; the battery was just lying at the bottom of the port cockpit locker with solid core copper wires running across the cabin to the original distribution switch panel. I am considering different mounting and wiring options.  I don’t like the idea of mounting it on top of the starboard quarter berth, as described in the tech tips, or too far aft.  I would appreciate any photos, drawings, etc. that would help me solidify my choice.  Please send any photos to raleigh.martin@xxxxxxx . Thanks.


Raleigh Martin

Liberty Call”



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