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Re: Water tank installation

Mine is the 1979 edition and is  next to the sink which is also the first step down into the cabin from the cockpit. The filler cap is right on top on the starboard side of the sink area. It works! Never thought of changing it. Of course you have to stick the hose inside the cabin area to fill it. I guess I am basically a "Go with the flow guy" meaning I don'rt change much, just work with it. But I admire skippers like you and Bob Schimmel who are always improving their boats.
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Date: Thursday, March 27, 2003 21:58:05
Subject: Re: Water tank installation
I prefer the space under the cockpit for the water tank. The tank is on the center line, and is a short run from the normal fill location in the stern of the boat.
Gene Adams
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Sent: Thursday, March 27, 2003 6:02 PM
Subject: Water tank installation

When I bought my San Juan 23, it had a 6 gallon Todd water tank mounted under the countertop, right on the centerline.  The 1 ½? fill fitting was on the top edge of the tank side, as was the vent fitting. The supply fitting, of course, was at the bottom edge.  The fill hose was routed under the counter and aft through the bulkhead separating the aft end of the port settee from the front of the port cockpit locker. The fill hose stuck out about a foot and was capped with a plastic deck fill fitting that was just hanging loose in the locker. I am not sure if this was the original installation or an owner modification.


Does anyone have any photos or drawings of water tank installations in a San Juan 23 that have worked well? I am giving thought to relocating the tank to the space under the vee berth as I have heard others have done to get more weight forward and less aft. Any informed opinions on the best mounting location?  Also, does the fill necessarily have to be at the top of the tank or could it be flipped to the bottom? The supply fitting would then become the vent and vice-versa.


Thanks for any help.


Raleigh Martin

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