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RE: Water tank installation/weight distribution

Gene, the recent e-mails about water tank location touched on the issue of
weight distribution, which in my opinion is still a bit of a problem on many
(including mine) SJ 23s.  Mine is the Mark II model, with tall rig and full
keel and two full cockpit lockers.  
I have the gas tank, small tool box, cleaning supplies in the starboard
locker, and the motor is also mounted on that side; I store the battery and
four headsails in the port locker.  The water tank (12 gal) is located under
the cockpit, and is usually 1/3 to 1/2 full (not fuller to decrease weight).
I keep light storage (e.g. life jackets, blanket, clothing change, etc.)
under the seats in the cabin, and my spinnaker under the v-berth. I keep one
danforth anchor/rode in the bow anchor locker.
With this distribution, and only myself at the helm (about 160 lbs.), the
stern appears to be slightly low judging by the waterline, and the cockpit
scuppers take on water into the cockpit when motoring or when sailing with
several crew in the cockpit.  
Do you have any suggestions for better weight distribution?  I have even
considered adding some weights (about 30 lbs. in metal bars) in the bow
locker bottom, but have been hesitant as any additional weight in a boat,
even to better balance the weight, is usually discouraged.
Thanks for any advice.

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