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Boom position

OK, if I understood the racing specs properly and my arithmetic still works, then I could say certain things based on the following data:
The luff of my main is 24 ft
I can only hoist it for racing so the head is 26' above the deck.
I can only downhaul it so that the boom is 24 ft from the head of the sail which translates to 2 ' above the deck.
Therefore, I can place a black mark on my mast 2 ft above the deck and if I hoist the main to the top, I will be within spec.  Correct?
Now, if I'm not racing, could I theoretically hoist the main to the top of my mast and raise the boom to say, 4' above the deck (30 ft mast required here.)  What issues does this cause?  Sure would generate a lot of head room and provide an easy bimini installation....

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