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Newwbie seeks Headsail rigging info, more and offers info

Got the headsails out and checked them over last night one more time and then realized....I have no idea how the tack attaches to the "funny" looking bent-armed cleat!  What's the trick here?
And does anyone have or know about a water tank replacement?  I have a 12 gal tank that sits in the starboard lazerette but it is cracked I discovered.  It has a fill hole with a air valve in the cap so it can be pressurized to some degree.  I'd like to replace it.  Suggestions?
Oh, and my vessel has a factory installed cock for a sink drain.  Appears to be a gate type since it looks like an outdoor faucet cock.  It is 3/4" connected to a 2" sink drain but there is a reducer coupling threaded onto the basket that acts as the nut I believe......I can try for a picture if requested, but it may not work. Let me know.
Also, my manual suggests putting the battery in the aft portion of the port sette, which would move it forward maybe the width of the battery!  But that would be out of my gas cockpit.
Thanks for everyone's help.
Rudy s/v Thesaurus

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