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Cruise from Portsmouth, VA to Hampton, VA

Spring is officially here and Daylight Savings Time is coming this weekend. Temperatures are in the 70’s and it’s time to go sailing! I would like to invite any SJ23 skippers who live in the vicinity of southeastern Virginia, or would like to come visit and cruise, to join the Southern Chesapeake Bay Trailer Sailors Group in a cruise from Portsmouth, VA to Hampton the weekend of April 25-27. Trailer your own boat here or join in as crew with another skipper.

The current plan is to meet in the boat basin at the foot of High Street in
Portsmouth around 6:00 PM or so on Friday, April 25th and have dinner at La Tolteca Mexican Restaurant (on the south side of the basin). The time is flexible and open to suggestion if it is too early for some. We will either stay overnight in the basin or anchor/raft off Hospital Point (Portsmouth Naval Hospital). Saturday morning we will weigh anchor and sail to Hampton for lunch in Downtown Hampton. Afternoon activities could include more sailing, a visit to the Virginia Air and Space Museum, tours of North Sails, etc. We're in the planning stages now.

Depending on their preferences/other commitments, some members may depart for home late Saturday. Others, myself included, will stay overnight at the very nice public piers or anchor in the scenic inner harbor, departing Sunday.

Planning communication will be facilitated on the group site at . Hope some of you will join us!


Special Note: Sheryl Crow will be performing at the very nice, waterfront NTELOS Pavilion on Sunday, April 27th. The Pavilion is located just down the seawall from the High Street boat basin. Ocean Marine, a marina adjacent to the Pavilion, has transient slips available for concert-goers. (NTELOS Pavilion schedule) (Ocean Marine site with aerial photo of marina and NTELOS Pavilion)



Check out these other Portsmouth and Hampton links: (Hampton Public Piers)

Raleigh Martin

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