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Mast head pulleys

I have several questions for the list.
I inspected the mastead sheves on my mast and one is very worn and knicked up. Is there a source for these? I checked with West Marine in Spokane, but they don't have them. Any help would be appreciated.
Mainsail slugs. My mainsail does not have slugs. The luff of my sail slides directly into the track in my mast. I believe I have the original mainsail on my boat. I'm soliciting for comments on this system. Is there a compelling reason I want to use slugs?
According to my copy of Chapman Piloting Seamanship and Small Boat Handleing, a sailing vessel under 12m does not require a light on the masthead. My boat has a 360degree masthead light and a forwared facing light about 1/2 way up the mast. I'm replacing the bulbs in each. I'm just womdering about the requirments.
Dave Meissner

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