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Re: Slugs on main sail

I added slugs to my main. Greatly reduced the time and effort of raising and lowering the sail, especially if you are single handing. It was easy and cheap and improved enjoyment of the boat tremendously. I also routed the halyard to the cockpit.

I bought the slugs and screw-on type shackles from Defender. If I remember correctly, I spaced the slugs a little less than 20 inches apart. If you want me to I can check to see exactly how far apart they are.

Jimmy Harrell, Lake Sinclair Georgia

At 01:48 AM 5/1/2003, you wrote:

Mainsail slugs. My mainsail does not have slugs. The luff of my sail slides directly into the track in my mast. I believe I have the original mainsail on my boat. I'm soliciting for comments on this system. Is there a compelling reason I want to use slugs?

Dave Meissner

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